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About us

about2Why our customers choose us At Golf Box USA, we pride ourselves on world-class response and processing times. Customer service is our priority, so in the event you encounter a problem, we can help solve it, from making product choices to warranty support. We also offer live stock availability and can even order custom sizes (such as XXL sizes, cuts and tailored items) direct from the manufacturer. Additionally, we offer great shipping rates across the  US and Canada through our delivery partners. We ship directly from our warehouse, and stocking 5,000 items.

And finally, we care deeply about bringing customers as close to the product as possible before the purchase. We use a mix of manufacturer videos, as well as our own internally produced videos, to ensure you get the best look at the product before you spend a penny.

So come on in and enjoy your shopping experience at Golf Box USA, I guarantee we wont let you down and you’ll be able to browse our wide array products and our affiliates as well as the golf tips we put on the site daily.